How Drinking Water Can Help You Lose Weight (Fast!)

Most of us, probably including you, think that the only thing that counts when losing weight is the amount of exercise we do. While exercise is important, what is just as important is the food we eat. In this article, we will look at the importance of water and its role in weight loss and weight maintenance.

Water is a natural appetite suppressant. Most hunger pangs we feel are actually “thirst pangs”. Our body lets us know it needs more water so we drink, and in some cases, we are thirsty and not hungry. With the right amount of water in your system, you will feel less hunger pangs. Drinking plenty of water during the day can also help you feel less tired and more energetic. The kidneys will work better, enhancing the blood flow moving through your body.

But what is the actual value of water in aiding weight loss? Water has absolutely no calories, so when you drink plenty of water, you can reduce your daily calorie intake dramatically. One big glass of water can temporarily quench your thirst, so make it a point to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

One fantastic way to jump start an effective weight loss program is to drink a large glass of water prior to going to bed. The chemicals in the water will help to satisfy you, making it a little easier for your body to fall asleep.

There are people who don’t like drinking before going to bed because it gives them flatulence.

But remember that if flatulence is held in, it means that gas will build up in your digestive system, causing you some minor problems. Going ahead to let your gas out freely may be annoying at first, but it’s definitely better for your overall health anyway.

Insane cravings for your favorite foods can be quenched with a refreshing glass of water. Sodas contain sodium, and while you probably love the taste of water, these can be quite powerful in triggering hunger pangs. Once your body is used to salty tasteless water, it will fulfill your need for engaging with your favorite foods.

Water contains none of the ingredients that are potentially harmful for your body, and it can be an astringent for the bowels. Many people swear by drinking warm water on an empty stomach. And not only will it reduce the potential damage to your body, but it’s a great way to assists digestion

I have a great suggestion to help you lose the pounds. Before you go to bed every evening, drink up a glass of water. Not only will this help to satisfy your cravings, water is extremely useful for any weight loss program. One of the main ingredients in a successful weight loss program is water.

Many people adopt a diet that kills the desire to eat their favorite foods. If you kill that desire by eating too much of certain foods, you won’t want to do much of it, and might forget you even ate something in the first place.

A lot of food that contains a high amount of water will contain the same effect. Instead of eating a full meal, you will feel hungry very soon, and find yourself eating too much quicker.

This effect has been proven with vegetables, but it also happens quite frequently with meat. You will get hungry quicker after consuming a big meal of meat, and you’ll eat more in a shorter time, because you can’t spend that much time in the kitchen, but you burn less energy than a big meal.

While a diet does not need to kill your desire to eat your favorite foods, limiting them most of the time also helps a lot when aiming for weight loss, and will make you feel better all around.

And besides, there is nothing very unhealthy about craving your favorite foods from time to time, even when you are on a diet. As long as you are doing this in moderation, you can actually succeed in your weight loss, and be happy most of the time without your diet or other restrictive food plans.